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In the words of Charlie Brown, happiness is…Ed Bogas and Désirée Goyette…a perfect equation of happiness built on a foundation of love, music, passion and community.

For 70 years, Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts gang have been entertaining millions of people of all ages worldwide.

Today, Peanuts remains the most successful comic strip of all time. Year after year, Charlie Brown’s life lessons have inspired generation after generation. With December of 2020 upon us, people from all generations around the globe will once again tune in to A Charlie Brown Christmas and help celebrate what will be the final month of Peanut’s 70 year anniversary. It is Mill Valley Living’s distinct pleasure to therefore introduce you to Ed Bogas and Désirée Goyette. For 40 years, this extraordinary Mill Valley duo have composed and performed some of our favorite, timeless tunes from Peanuts, Garfield and countless other television series, specials and feature films. Read more



Photography by by Laura Reoch,
September-Days Photography

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